Refiners on OSSSearchResults.aspx page

In SharePoint 2010 you can customize the refinement panel on the results page of a search center. Unfortunately the default search scope “This Site” uses the OSSSearchResults.aspx page. This is a layouts page so you cannot edit the refiners or add new refiners. So if you wanted cool and custom refiners added, you had to force users to use the search center. Once you force them to use the search center they lose the “This Site” scope if they attempt to search from the center. A big mess.

This solution allows you to have your custom refiners and the osssearchresults page.

Out of the box OSSSearchResults.aspx Refiners:

OOTB gives administrator’s no way to reorder or add new refiners.


After OSSSearchRefinement Solution:

You have complete control of the order of refiners. You can also add refiners. In the example below I’ve added 3 custom refiners to the panel.


How it works

The solution deploys a customized osssearchresults.aspx page to the layouts directory. This page has code behind that reads an xml file with your custom refiners. When the feature is activated, all requests for the OOTB osssearchresults.aspx page get redirected to the custom osssearchresults.aspx page.

The code


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