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SharePoint Conference 2014 Wrap-Up – Takeaways, Highlights, & Lowlights

I was fortunate enough to attend SharePoint Conference 2014 (SPC14) in Las Vegas last week. I had a little time to reflect so I put a blog post together to wrap-up the conference from my perspective. First let me give some disclaimers.

  1. I wasn’t able to attend SharePoint Conference 2012 so I don’t have that reference point. I did attend SharePoint Conference 2011 in Anaheim though.
  2. SPC 2014 wasn’t before a major release so there wasn’t a ton of new and shiny things on display.
  3. I’ve worked on a handful of SharePoint 2013 projects so my perspective of “cool” may differ from some.
  4. I mostly attended developer sessions so I didn’t see everything. If I missed something, please, please, please leave a comment below or link to your blog post. I’m really hoping that we can build a web of reflections for those who weren’t able to attend.
  5. This is a very long post. I’m sorry.

With that being said, here are the takeaways, highlights, and lowlights I left Las Vegas with. Continue reading